Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sagada 2016

Since this is a lazy Saturday and the things I wanna do (plant cherry tomatoes, for example) require tools that I don't have, so I might as well blog about a trip that happened 3 months ago (gasp! That was my last out of town, too. What have I become?).

Sagada then.

Like last time, we stopped over at Banaue to see the famous rice terraces. That's where we also had breakfast after the more or less 12-hour bus ride from Manila. It was easy to book a shuttle from there to Sagada, btw, since there are already drivers waiting for Sagada-bound tourists. It's Php300/pax as of January 2016. Sadly, they no longer allow people to top-load, probably because of the accident that happened sometime ago. Sad, really, since the view was worth the hassle and thrills of riding on top of a speeding jeepney.

We rented a big room that could fit all of us, and it came with this view:


Cute no? It's also within (uphill) walking distance to well-know restaurants, so we just walked up and down the street whenever we wanted to eat. 

It was almost lunch when we arrived, so we decided to eat at Masferre, then head to the hanging coffins after. I'm sad to report that Masferre is no longer the same Masferre I loved before, and my lunch there was a li'l bit disappointing.

The chicken was supposed to be fried. T_T The potato wedges were good, though.
So after lunch, we all went to the hanging coffins, which was a short walk and a bit of a hike away. We had a guide, probably because it was required, but the way there was easy to follow and the trail wasn't that demanding.


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