Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pokeball* Tales

I just moved into my new place and I feel like there's something weird going on. There are mornings when I wake up to find some of my stuff rearranged. Like that time my bed arrived. I had this small fan that sits on the floor and as such, when I'm on my bed the wind would barely reach me. I remember thinking about whether I should put the fan on top of a box or on the bed then decided to just leave it on the floor, since it was a cool night. The next morning, I had a mini heart attack when I woke up with the fan staring at me, perched neatly at the edge of the bed.

Then last night, I swore I put my front door rug at the foot of my bookshelf, since every time I open the door it gets pushed to the side anyway. When I woke up this morning, the rug was by the door again, straight and centered.

That, and a lot of little things, like pens I leave lying around somehow making their way back to pen holders (I'd have to insert at this point that I'm not the most organized person in the world. My mom had called me a snake countless of times on the account of me leaving my skin, er, clothes, where I took them off), leading me to the conclusion that either:

1.) I'm living with a Monica-poltergeist, or
2.) there's an OC-Au who wakes up in the middle of the night to fix out-of-line knicknacks.

Either way, it's cool living with an invisible (and free!) caretaker. Wish he/she/it/other Au takes care of the laundry, too.


Call for Donations:

I have this awesome stretch of white wall that's begging to be filled with pictures, artworks and what-nots. If you have something tangible out of your talent lying around, I'd be happy to adopt. =)

Friends are welcome to drop by, but if you're planning on a cookfest, you'd have to bring your own equipment. Haha. So far I only have an induction stove, a pot, a frying pan, a knife, a cutting board, and flat ladle whatchamacallit (will just edit when I remember haha) for frying, and oh, I have no table or any semblance of it. I have no qualms eating on the bed tho :)) For entertainment, I have my tiny laptop and the aforementioned white wall. A projector would do nicely for a movie marathon (bring speakers, too!).
So far, I’m rocking this living independently thing, though I still get thrown in a loop when I need something commonplace like salt and discover that I have none. In my mom’s house (which is just across the street, thank goodness), things magically appear when you need them, and the fridge usually has what I need. Haha :))
*Raphael christened the place, on the account of me being a pikachu**, which is incorrect btw, because at 4’11, I’m actually a hobbit. Hmp.