Friday, October 23, 2015


I have freckled cheeks that bear pimple scars and I'm not
asking you to see stars where there should be scars.
See my skin for the embattled place that it is,
and like it just the same. I have small eyes
that are always smiling, but you have to remember
that sometimes they tend to squint in anger,
 or turn round in surprise, or overflow with tears,
or be just two blank parts of my face. It's easy to forget,
but remember,

I have pale lips that are sometimes chapped or dry.
I am not asking you to kiss them, or even like them
all the time, but in your mind
do not superimpose rosiness where there should be paleness.
Sometimes, it's easy to imagine beauty when it's not there
And easy, too easy, to believe the image
you've drawn in your head.
Just don't forget

That I'm me, regardless of who you believed me to be--
Don't ask me to be that version in your head.

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