Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Second Quarter Travels

Pundaquit, Zambales

Company outing, and woah, Anawangin is so different from the 2008 version that I remember. Of course, I can hardly expect that it'd remain the same after becoming popular, but it was still very unsettling to see how much it changed. 

I had fun with office-mates; there were lots of jellyfishes; and we didn't go to the lighthouse which is fine by me. Stopped by Meatshop (a steak place) and duty-free shops on our way home.

Iloilo, Antique and Guimaras.

This is a triple A trip (with Edmund and Manix). Highlight would be ancestral homes, island hopping, hot kawa bath and super yummy food. Seriously, I'd do the trip again just for the food. We had legit La Paz Batchoy (Netong's), old school coffee from an old school coffeeshop in the heart of the market (Madge's), molo from an ancestral home and so much more Ilonggo food. 

Guimaras was a winner, and the kawa hot bath in Antique was a novelty, but something I won't be trying again soon (because it's just that-- a novelty).


I lost my phone here, and that's all I can remember about this trip. 

Haha joke lang.

Welll, Calea cakes take centerstage ( I seriously eat 2 slices per visit), the ancestral homes in Silay was super awesome and interesting, and I made friends with a  group of kids in Victorias. It's easy to get around the place (but print your maps!!! I lost my phone while following something on Google maps. A guy on the back of a speeding motorcycle plucked it out of my hand.)
My favorite thing about the whole trip. 

I'd go back (with a group, preferably), because I wasn't able to visit the Ruins in Talisay, and I wasn't able to go on a tour inside VMC. I still had lots of fun, despite losing my phone. Promise. 


Sorry for the super tamad post. I wish I get my blog spirit back, the one that used to write about a five day solo trip in excruciating detail. >.<