Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 First Quarter Travels

Just a run through because I've became super lazy since last year. Huhu. Hoping this blog gets a breathe of new life when my laptop arrives. Anyway, here's a quick run down of the places I've been to since January 2015

Dumaguete (January). I've meet the famous sea turtles and had a nerve-wracking boat ride, but I'd say that the most memorable aspect of this trip is food. HAHAHA. I love Dumaguete's university vibe, and the colorful restos that dotted the city. Also, that sans rival is really to die-for, but no, I'm not lugging 14 boxes home again.  Here's an Xperia created video (that isn't very good hahaha sorry) for that trip:


Boracay (February). What more can I say about Boracay? Well, avoid the tourist traps!  It's a great place for parties if you're into that kind of thing, and a good place to look for fresh seafood and eat lots. The white sand beach is top notch, too, of course. But those things can be found in other less crowded and so much less expensive places (ie Puerto Galera is a good alternative), so...

Ilocos (April). Scorching hot. Also, a little of a let-down. It would have been so much worse, if not for the people I was with. Really, your companions can make or break your trip, and I'm glad I'm with the most fun people in the woooorld! So why a let-down? Well, I've been to Ilocos a few times, and so there were a lot of things I was looking forward to seeing again. Unfortunately, time has brought a lot of unwanted changes, and the most disappointing is that you can no longer get close to Kapurpurawan. I understood the reasoning behind the rule though; the influx of summertime tourists would bring untold damages to the rock formation if they let people swarm all over it. So yeah, I get it, but that doesn't make it less disheartening. :( Also, it really is a bad idea to travel during peak season, as the crowd can get very off-putting. Nevertheless, I had fun with my friends, and  a lot of other things brought so much entertainment. :)

Here's a video I made for the trip (and I'd say I've improved a bit. Yay!)


I know it shows more of us than of the places we've visited, but we're so much more interesting anyway. Joke lang! Haha

And that, folks, is my first quarter travelogue! Looking forward to a solo trip and another triple-A trip later this year. Also, hoping for an impulsive get-away before this summer ends. Yay. :)

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