Thursday, October 30, 2014

El Nido 2014 Trip in a Nutshell

Just found out there's a very cool and super easy to use movie creator sitting in my phone, unused (well, no more). It automatically groups pictures and videos into a very short clip (about 30secs). Unfortunately, the only editing you can do is change the pictures or videos and the soundtrack. You can delete an entry, but you can't add (or I haven't found a way to do it yet. Haha). There are no editing options aside from what I've mentioned (so no resize, change orientation, etc)

Still, pretty cool. See below:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Your Secret

A secret--
That is what I am.
Someone to be kept
carefully under wraps.
It is a comfortable place,
but not meant to be lived in for a long time.
I feel myself chaffing against the cover.

I try to be patient,
try to understand--
and I am still trying.
Still, I wonder...

How can you hold it in,
when all I want to do
every single day

is to tell the world?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Litany of Half-formed Thou--

Words that wouldn't form
teasing this paper
evading the ink
running and stumbling and breaking.

I'm sorry
I miss you
I love-- no, I shouldn't

I'm angry
I'm scared

and I'm sad

but I'm happy

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Parade of Hobbies

What now? I ask myself

                   I cut up t-shirts.
                   I write verses.

                   I doodle.

                   I line up words.

                   I travel alone
                                         and with people.

                   I daydream.
                   I sleep for hours.

And yet, boredom, like an overeager puppy
   follows me around.
Its fingers tight around my neck;
    No matter how much I think of moving

I cannot shake it off.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Palawan More Time [Day 4]

A/N: I made it to day four!!! YAAAAS! (Thank you server that would not start ^_^)

So. No Ugong Rock for us today.

Instead, we woke up late, watched a really entertaining piece on brains on Nat Geo, and checked out of the lodge. We left all our stuff in the lodge's office.

Arka Travel Lodge | Oct 4, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

New Light

Bangs sweeping across his face
He looked years younger,
but different from the boy I haven't met.

A hand on his mouth, hiding his laughter.
The stoop on his shoulders gone--
there was spring in his step and light in his eyes.

I have never seen him before,
this friend of mine.

He is the same
and an entirely different person.
A portrait seen
in a different light.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Palawan More Time [Day 3]

Hello Day 3! Hello sunshine! (Pleaaaase!)

We scheduled a Taraw climb today, but the by the time we woke up it was already drizzling.

"It's still a go," we consoled ourselves, "it's not raining cats and dogs, not yet." And proceeded to get guides for our supposed climb. We got three, for Php500 each guide.

The rain stopped as we were walking towards the jump-off, and it seemed that Mr Sun is going to show himself, after all. Yay.
See? The weather was okay by this time. Paasa much.
El Nido town proper | Oct 3, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Palawan More Time [Day 2]

We woke up (or rose from bed. Some may not have gotten sleep.) at the criminally-early 2am. Thankfully, I am a much early riser when on vacations than on normal working days. Hah.

After rubbing sleep off our eyes and freshening up a little, we all chose our spots in Kuya Rolan's spacious van and slept the road trip to El Nido away. There wasn't much to see anyway, given that it was dark. I woke a little past 5 am, and saw a world shrouded in mist. It was a surreal sight-- silhouette of trees through curtains of fog, slumbering houses and quiet mountains.

We stopped by at some unassuming food stop to eat breakfast. It was somewhere in Taytay, just a few hours away from El Nido. There we consumed hotdogs and eggs and rice and coffee. Some of us sat down with instant cup noodles. It was a simple breakfast, but no less satisfying.

Taytay, Palawan | Oct 2, 2014

Palawan More Time [Day 1]

(Ugh, excuse the pun)

Our trip started innocuously enough. Yep I call "dashing-to-the-boarding-gate-while-our-names-are-being-broadcasted-throughout-the-airport-as-latecomers" innocuous (that is a personal dream, actually). We made it, and our plane being fourth in line to take-off, actually had a few minutes to spare before the actual flight.

This is the start of my love affair with selfie stick and fish-eye cliplens.
NAIA Terminal 3 | Oct 1, 2014