Sunday, December 7, 2014

An Advice

I close my eyes and reach out my hand to that girl, almost a year ago--
she sat beside you, elated, nervous, confused, uncertain
and bottling up her happiness.
She knew it wouldn't last
and boy, was she right.

But I'm still gonna hold her hand and say
it's all right to be happy for things ephemeral
and be hurt afterwards.
It's alright.


My dear unicorn you came
like a flash of light in the dark.
And the way you showed up
exactly how I imagined
makes me think
'Hmm, you could be."

But you're not.

Because your flaws still shined like a beacon
and I can't tear my eyes off them
no matter how much I wanted to.

My dear unicorn, I'm letting you go.

And if you come back
with all the reasons to make me forget
of all the things that used to matter then

My dear unicorn, you could be.

Let's meet again, shall we?