Monday, October 13, 2014

Palawan More Time [Day 4]

A/N: I made it to day four!!! YAAAAS! (Thank you server that would not start ^_^)

So. No Ugong Rock for us today.

Instead, we woke up late, watched a really entertaining piece on brains on Nat Geo, and checked out of the lodge. We left all our stuff in the lodge's office.

Arka Travel Lodge | Oct 4, 2014

We walked towards the NCCC mall, and from there rode a trike to Bona's Chaolong (fare: Php10 each). Chaolong is a popular Viet-Fil fusion food in Palawan, a sweet and savory noodle soup with several meat options (beef, buto-buto, etc). I got the beef  kind, added a side of eggs, and a slice of cheesy french bread. Nourishing and cheap (Php100).

Afterwards we headed, via trike (php 8), to the cathedral. We took a few pictures, then walked towards Plaza Cuartel, a war-era park. There really wasn't much to see in there, except for the really old wall. We wanted to go to the museum, but according to one trike driver, it is closed on Saturdays.

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral | Oct 4, 2014

Plaza Cuartel | Oct 4, 2014
We decided to go back to that pasalubong shopping place to buy some more stuff, and have our shirts printed. Trike fare was Php10, I think. The drivers brought us to a different place, this time, a short distance away from the one we went to the last time. It was more expensive there though, so we decided to walk to the old place. A trike driver saw us heading towards that place, and offered us a free ride. They get points for bringing people to the pasalubong place, hence the eagerness. But free ride, yey!

It was stiffling hot by the time we were finished with our purchases, so we decided to go to Robinsons to chill at some coffee shop there. I thought it was nearby, but it was super out of the way. Trike fare was Php15 each. There wasn't a Starbucks in that mall, so we ended up in Island Coffee, which serves yummy java chip frappe for Php130. The place also had magazines and books lying around, so killing time there wasn't a problem.

We got bored just sitting there though, so well jumped into Lloyd's suggestion of going to Tom's World (an arcade). We stayed there until 5ish, then had light dinner at Jollibee before going back to Arka. Our Php450 accommodation fee included a free ride to the airport. Yaay!

And thus concludes our 4-day sojourn in Palawan.


I hope the next time I'm in El Nido, I'd get to climb Taraw. Kuya Rolan's picture in the peak is so pretty, and I'm so jealous. @.@

Puerto Princesa airport has a Php150 terminal fee.

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