Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Palawan More Time [Day 2]

We woke up (or rose from bed. Some may not have gotten sleep.) at the criminally-early 2am. Thankfully, I am a much early riser when on vacations than on normal working days. Hah.

After rubbing sleep off our eyes and freshening up a little, we all chose our spots in Kuya Rolan's spacious van and slept the road trip to El Nido away. There wasn't much to see anyway, given that it was dark. I woke a little past 5 am, and saw a world shrouded in mist. It was a surreal sight-- silhouette of trees through curtains of fog, slumbering houses and quiet mountains.

We stopped by at some unassuming food stop to eat breakfast. It was somewhere in Taytay, just a few hours away from El Nido. There we consumed hotdogs and eggs and rice and coffee. Some of us sat down with instant cup noodles. It was a simple breakfast, but no less satisfying.

Taytay, Palawan | Oct 2, 2014


A few minutes after we resumed our roadtrip, Kuya Rolan gestured to what looked like a viewpoint and asked, "Do you want a few minutes there to take pictures? El Nido will be visible from there."

We concurred, so he parked in the roadside and we all trooped to the viewpoint. We took pictures from below before we climbed up the aging structure. The floor creaked and groaned beneath our feet, so we posed quickly and snapped pictures in a hurry before the structure collapse on us. It didn't collapse at all, fortunately.

Hello El Nido!
Some viewpoint on the way | Oct 2, 2014
We went on our away, and I was absently gazing out the window when it occured to me that I am already seeing the familiar limestone cliffs of El Nido. My exclamations of "WOAH. Nasa El Nido na tayo!" were met with "Kanina pa!" by my friends. Haha sorry naman.

We arrived at the rain drenched El Nido a little past seven. We already had a place to stay, c/o kuya Rolan. For two air-conditioned rooms, we paid a total of Php3200. The girls' room was near the balcony overlooking the beach, and it was a perfect place to chill out. The only thing I didn't like about our accommodation was that there was no dedicated CR per room, and we all had to share CRs with all the occupants in the inn. Oh well, I guess I can't complain with that price (although I know a much cheaper place-- no air-conditioning though).

We just put our bags in our rooms, then headed out for the island hopping tour that kuya Rolan also arranged for us. We were supposed to take tour C, but given the fickle weather, we settled on tour A instead. It's the same one I took years ago on my solo trip.

Here are our stops:

Seven Commando Beach | Oct 2, 2014
My favorite pic from that day
Big Lagoon | Oct 2, 2014
That's Zimisu Is behind me | Oct 2, 2014
 We were supposed to have lunch at Zimisu Island itself, but the waters were shallow and the boat wouldn't be able to dock then so we just had our sumptuous lunch at the boat. After that, we fed the fishies (shhh) with leftover rice and watched them clamor over the food. We weren't supposed to feed the fish, y'know.
To continue:
Secret Lagoon | Oct 2, 2014

Small Lagoon | Oct 2, 2014
Lloyd was the only one who went into that lagoon, as the rest of us were too exhausted and decided to just chill in the boat.

After this lagoon, our tour boat headed back to the mainland as our tour had ended by then. We proceeded to our rooms to freshen up and chill before dinner. The sunset was a quiet affair, as we all sat in the balcony drinking in the serenity of the place, and munching on Cheetos. It was an awesome day, and it wasn't over yet.

We didn't exactly see the sun set, but this view is awesome in its tranquility.

We had dinner at the place recommended by our tour guide, which was Og's. Here we met Rhan, an officemate of ours. We ordered croc sisig, a local delicacy. It tasted normal, but I could not eat it comfortably; I can't take my mind off it being a crocodile.

Dinner with friends is always a lovely affair. :)
Og's | Oct 2, 2014
We were supposed to eat at the beach, but it started raining so we had to relocate inside the resto. A tip: their servings are huge, but the rice is small. Adjust accordingly. :)

We were supposed to drink and have socials after dinner, but we were all super tired, and we'd be heading to Taraw early the next day, so we all just agreed to sleep as soon as we reach our rooms.


Island hopping A: Php1200 (incl. the environmental fee)
Dinner : between Php300-Php400, I think.
Bottled water : Php25

(Day 3 in next post. Sipag mode on. Yey)

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