Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Palawan More Time [Day 1]

(Ugh, excuse the pun)

Our trip started innocuously enough. Yep I call "dashing-to-the-boarding-gate-while-our-names-are-being-broadcasted-throughout-the-airport-as-latecomers" innocuous (that is a personal dream, actually). We made it, and our plane being fourth in line to take-off, actually had a few minutes to spare before the actual flight.

This is the start of my love affair with selfie stick and fish-eye cliplens.
NAIA Terminal 3 | Oct 1, 2014

Jesse and Lyka are first time airplane riders, I think. Good for them our ride was smooth, except for that one soul-dropping turbulence a few minutes into the flight. Another entertaining addition to our flight was a cutie (underage, though. huhu) in the seat in front of us. He would take one look at Tin and me and he would laugh his head off. Funny kid.
Say hello to a future k-pop idol.
Somewhere above the Philippines | Oct 1, 2014
We landed after over an hour, five-ish in the afternoon, I think. Kuya Rolan (09067762727), whom we contacted beforehand and who helped us with out itinerary, fetched us in his very comfy van (there were pillows. woot). He would be taking us to Kalui for dinner. It was raining lightly by then, but Kuya Rolan assured us that it rarely rain heavily in Puerto Princesa.

Kalui is a famous resto in Puerto Princesa, and rightly so. The dimly lit interior was charming and full of curious installations. It's picture heaven! -- a corner full of paintings, a well-decorated sort of stage, and even the CRs are charming. You walk barefooted all over the place, which added to the homey feel.
Fun background!
Kalui | Oct 1, 2014
 The food is awesome too. Most notable for me is the Sinigang ni Kaka, a shrimp and tuna sinigang with a sweet aftertaste due to the buko juice in the soup. Yummy, swear. We ordered some more shrimp dishes, and all our tummies were happy tummies indeed. The complimentary fruits after the dinner was a sweet bonus, and a trigger for a raucous discussion on the merits of papaya and watermelon ('twas a not-so innocent discussion, ehem).

For our food, we paid around Php300-Php400 each.

Our dining table. Shrimp galore, see. (Pardon the feet)
Kalui | Oct 1, 2014
After dinner we headed straight to Iwahig for some firefly watching. I've been looking forward to this the whole week, even if it'd be my second time. Yep, firefly junkie here.

The second time was even more fun than my first. Our guide threw in constellation lectures in lieu with firefly trivia. And thank God for my not so good memory, even the jokes were fresh because I can't remember much from the first time. Haha! There was a surprise near the end that I'm sure was not included in my first tour: bioluminescent planktons. I was like, wooah! Coolbeanscool. It was my first time seeing them, and I had a blast.

The jump-off, seen from our boat.
Iwahig | Oct 1, 2014
For this activity, we paid Php 600 for a boat (and because we were 7 and they were strict about the maximum 3 passengers, we had to get 3 boats, so, uh, Php1800 in total.).

We did one tourist cliche, and that is to buy our pictures that were snapped by their official photographer. Php150 per pic. The place also had a souvenir shop that sells glow-in-the-dark tshirts among other things.

That was all what we scheduled for the day, and because it was late already-- almost 10pm, I think, we all piled back into the van to head to the accommodation that Sir Rolan arranged for us. Because we were scheduled to start out to El Nido at around 230am, thus staying only for a few hours, he had us stay at his bro-in-law (I'm not sure I got that right)'s house. There were two rooms in that house, a big CR, some linens and fans. We were very much comfortable, and it was quite cheap, Php500 for all of us already. That's less than a hundred pesos for an overnight accommodation. Wee! I'm not sure if that house is always available, but go ask Sir Rolan. It's super value for money. ;)

[to be continued: Day 2]

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