Tuesday, June 24, 2014


the firsts, the lasts, even the forgettables
were marked. and they spill forth today,
as tales to be told to the main characters.

do you remember?
do you remember?
and we marvel at what we do remember.
little things. what she said. what he did.
what 'so do i' mean
and why we roared at its mere mention.

oh, the terrifying things then...
are the butt of jokes today.
what made our knees trembled
are what made us chuckle today.

the laughter in our minds are two decades old
but still crisp and ringing as if the jokes are still fresh.
the photographs are fuzzy at the edges
and vivid in our hearts
and stories, though told over and over again
are still told as if they've all just happened.

Ah. Reunions. We come with beer bellies
and graying hair and memories instead of dreams.
And for an hour or so,
we are what we were again.

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