Monday, June 23, 2014

Cebu : Rambling on Whalesharks, Pointy Peaks, and the Smell of Dried Fish (Part 3)

Third day: time to meet the whalesharks!

We all woke up before 6, had coffee and Milo and cup noodles at a nearby sari-sari store, and went back to MB Sunrise to sign up for the whaleshark interaction.

Everything here is streamlined, the fees are all standardized (Php500 for local tourists), and everyone went on with their jobs as if they had done this a thousand times, which they probably did.

The orientation place was a short walk away from MB Sunrise, but we went there via a paddle boat. Here are the no-no's when watching whalesharks: no sunscreen, no touching the whaleshark (at least 4 meters distance, but they were very friendly, so they sometimes come very very close. Don't panic.), no camera flash allowed. They give each group 30 minutes for the whole activity.

I was expecting a long boat ride into the sea to where the whalesharks are, but to my surprise, they were actually just a stone throw away from the beach. And there wasn't a scarcity of whalesharks to see: they were swimming around, and I counted at least five. And THEY WERE HUGE. Awesomely huge. One could swallow me, and I could probably live in its stomach like Jonah did.

Our boatman was a very enthusiastic photographer -- we probably had hundreds of underwater pics, not that we were complaining. Us nonswimmers survived the activity by holding onto our boat's katig, so most of our pics were us with our arms raised and some unsuspecting whaleshark in the background.

This is the pic I snapped from my phone (the whaleshark is feeding here):

After the activity we headed to Aaron's again for brunch. The kind lady who served us food thought we were checked-in at Aaron's. Haha :P She recommended a boat man to take us to Sumilon Is (Php2000 for our group), and suggested that we order lunch that we can eat in the island. We agreed.

After eating, we proceeded to Sumilon Is. It's a white beach, but the sand is not fine. We had fun swimming and taking more underwater shots. When we got tired, we had lunch under the shade of tree by the beach. The boatman provided us with tables and some chairs. Nice. :)

Back to Cebu

The trip to Cebu took about 4 hours in an ordinary bus (which took too long to arrive). When we got there, we rode a taxi to Tabo-an market to buy danggit, dried squid, and dried mangoes. I bought about 2 kilos in total of those stuff.

From the market, we took a taxi to SM City Cebu with the intent of watching TFIOS. Our driver complained about our smell, remarking in Bisaya about how we reek of danggit. Sorry naman, kuya. Haha :P

When we got there, we tried to deposit our bags in the grocery's baggage counter, but apparently, it is no longer allowed. Rather, SM have this Traveler's lounge where you can rent a space for Php 30 to safe-keep your bags up until 8pm.

We decided not to watch TFIOS anymore, given this deadline. Instead, we ordered coffee from Starbucks, tried La Marea's warm brownie cup (yummeh), and had dinner at Tokyo Joe's (it's always at least one Jap Resto for us whenever we go out of town, for no reason. :))). Afterwards, we dragged our tired and smelly selves to the taxi that would take us to our accommodation for the night: First Appartelle, which is somewhere near the airport in Mactan.


Flight home at around 8am.

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