Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cebu : Rambling on Whalesharks, Pointy Peaks, and the Smell of Dried Fish (Part 2)

(3-4hrs later...) Off to Dalaguete it is.

From the airport we boarded a  taxi (the one with the expensive flag rate), and asked to be taken to the South terminal. Kuya driver offered to take us all  the way to Oslob, but we declined.

At the bus terminal, I found a stall selling scarfs (yaaay!) and I bought one for Php120 (didn't haggle). We then proceeded to board a bus to Lilo-an, which would pass by the junction in Dalaguete, the jump-off to Osmeña peak. After 3 hours of road trip and patchy Spotify soundtrip intersped with The Heirs marathon, we arrived at Dalaguete and were immediately greeted by a horde of habal-habal drivers, who were all quite eager to take us to Osmeña peak (at the foot, that is) for Php200 two-way fare.

We decided to have breakfast first.

The La Paz Batchoy place at the opposite side of the road looks clean and comfy, so that's where we headed. I ordered the requisite danggit, which was yummy and filling. A habal-habal driver went inside the eatery and since he was the only one bold enough to do that, we decided to transact with him. He loped in another driver to take us to Osmeña peak.

I didn't know how long the habal-habal ride was, but it was long and bumpy (hello numb butts!).

The road to Osmeña Peak jump-off was very picturesque, which sort-of made up for the road's bumpiness (in a way that I'd gladly take the habal-habal ride again).

 We were greeted at the foot of the mountain by very cute and and shy kid, who, with the urging of another habal-habal driver, agreed to take us to the peak. We asked for his name, and he said, "Alvin." Too bad I wasn't able to bring candies for Alvin and the other kids lingering nearby.

So we commenced climbing, with Alvin fleeting from rock to rock and us stumbling and slipping behind him. We made it to the peak a little under an  hour, where we found another group already immersed in picture-taking. At the other side of the peak, there was the camp of a huge group who might have stayed the night.

And okay, Osmeña Peaks' 360 view is awesome. See:

The view is reminiscent of Mt. Maculot Rockies view, with the pointy peaks adding their unique charm to the place. After a few minutes we decided to descend and proceed to Oslob where we will be staying the night.

(Habal-habal fare was Php200 each, with additional Php50 because the driver insisted. Haha :P)

We went back to the junction to hail a bus going to Oslob. It took us an hour to catch one, and another 2 hours to finally arrive at Oslob. We decided to stay at MB Sunrise, because that's the only place that Al knows to have airconditioned room. We got one for Php2k.

So here's a few things about MB Sunrise: the meals they serve were meh, their mango shake and avocado share were thick but cost Php100 and hot water costs Php 5 per cup. The room was clean and comfy though. We agreed to clean up, sleep a bit, and then got to the town after our rather disappointing brekky lunch.

Here's what happened: we got cleaned-up, and slept until sundown.

Not wanting to have another breakfast meal for dinner (that's what we had for lunch. Not happy), we decided to go out and scout for other dinner options. We chanced upon a Sutukil place a few meters away, but bailed out because the grilled squid was too expensive (Php400!!!!). Going back to the highway, we heard a tugsh-tugsh from the opposite direction and decided: yeeey, food! We walked that way, smelled that tantalizing smell of grilled squid (which disappeared after a few steps, weird), and chanced upon Aaron's. It did not look like a restaurant, but we saw a menu being passed around, so  yeeey, food!

And OMG the food was a-awesome! We ordered sour blue marlin soup (sinigang na blue marlin, k), buttered chicken and calamares, and they were yummy. Also, less expensive than our really disappointing lunch. Also, also, they serve service water-- for free! (MB Sunrise does not. Pfft)

With tummies full from our lovely dinner, we walked back to MB Sunrise to sleep the night away.


The night was laden with stars. Lovely. :)

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