Friday, June 13, 2014

Cebu : Rambling on Whalesharks, Pointy Peaks, and the Smell of Dried Fish (Part 1)

Day 1:

Our flight was scheduled at around 9-10 pm on a Saturday, so naturally, I forego packing at the very last possible minute. Dang it, I can only find half of my aqua shoes, so sorry guys, you are not going to Cebu. I packed just the right stuff, of course, because I'm great like that.

Ooops, I left my jacket.

I met up with Alyssa at Mcdo-MRT, and we hailed the shuttle to airport (which happened to pass by at the most opportune time. Yay, lucky us!). The fare, after almost four  years of local backpacking, is still Php20. Yaaay.

The flight went without a hitch, and having to kill only less than 5 hours before our scheduled bus ride to Dalaguete, Cebu, we decided to just sleep in the airport (actually, Al decided, her having researched ahead of time that it's okay to stay at Mactan airport overnight. Yay, Al's OC-ness! ^_^). The picture below is us finding our own nook to doze off.

The Terminal, Mactan Airport editon |  Photo by Alyssa Loren Arellano
And yeeees, there are pesky mosquitoes. Nevertheless, the CRs are clean, that couch is cozy, and you can charge your gadgets so it's still an appealing option, in case you find yourself in similar situation.

(Our Osmena peak adventure is up in my next post. :) )

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