Thursday, May 1, 2014

Things I Know By Now

Your shirt size, if by a certain brand
(and your underwear size,
if only I was paying attention)
And what kind of tshirt you'd most likely wear.
What you'd order, if you don't know what to order.
Your default Starbucks coffee.
And the popcorn flavor you'd get.

And what you'd say when I say I don't know.
I think I can tell what sort of songs you like,
and what movies you'd vehemently refuse to watch
(I am still trying to change your opinion, though).

I can tell when you don't wanna talk.
And when you'd want to. I think.

What I don't know, until now,
is despite all that I know
that you don't know that I know...

where do I stand?

Does all this knowledge
give me even a tiny, little bit of chance?

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