Monday, March 24, 2014

083 Silence

Today, I learned about a very different kind of silence.
The one that does not burn.
The one that does not fill your head with all sorts of terrible things:
Is he mad at me? Irritated? Does he even want me here, talking to him?

Not that kind of silence.

It's the kind of silence that brings extra sheen to the rain-drenched city.
The kind of silence that add sparkle to the street lamps,
and drew rainbows in the slick roads,
and made everything outside the half-opened window serene and peaceful.

It's the kind of silence that makes you want to smile at the rain.

It's the kind that warms the heart, when sometime after, you look back at that silent car ride home.

The only kind that you hope you would ever have with him.

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