Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Can We Talk About the Moon?

I want us to discuss the merits of the moon.

Whether it was worth climbing 10 floors to the roofdeck just to see it smile.

       Or should I just photograph it for you?

I want us to discuss my romanticism--
 whether it is excessive (yes, I think you think so).

Whether the moon is just being plain, and I am just being too gushy.
Whether it reminds you of something.
         Even-- do you care?

I want us to discuss the moon.

Until, even when I'm no longer in your orbit,
it'd remind you of me.

But I close the messenger even before the courage to type in the first letter arrives.
For surely, you'd just think I'm being silly.

       "The moon does not merit a discussion."

 And that'd be the end of it.

And again and again.

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