Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On Decaf-ing, and Other Vague Stuff

1.) I'd like to say I'm undergoing caffeine withdrawal, but as it is just my 2nd day of no-coffee-week, that sounds overly dramatic. I'm feeling lethargic, sleepy and slightly irritated, though. You judge.

2.) How many no's do I have to dish out before it becomes apparent I am not interested in any one-to-one hangout? There are really some people you can't stand, and unfortunately, you are one of mine. (This goes out to all people whose invitations I am consistently turning down. I'm sorry for being passive. This is the best I can do.)

3.) I want to try project pie so badly, and watch The Wolf of Wallstreet and Life of Walter Mitty. I can do those on my own, and I really can't figure out why I'm waiting for other people. Must be the caffeine withdrawal thing.

4. Clingy people irritates the hell out of me, except you. I want you to be a little bit clingy, but the best I can hope for are half-hearted invites. Hay.

5. Do I dare publish this crap? Yes, why not? I guess it was coffee that made me a tiny bit sane, and now that it's gone... hohum.

6. Cheerful auuu, come back. The gloomy version is boring and gloomy. I'm afraid I'm driving my friends away. :(

7. Please do not comment.

8. *agsgshxckdiysba*

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