Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chronicles of Summer: La La La La Union!

A/N: Damiiiii backlog! Eto na, magbabawas na. Hihi :)) Anyways, I know di pa summer ng January, but in Au's vocab, beach outing = summer, no matter what the season. So there. And I've already forgotten the important details: price, place, contacts, etc. So sorry na lang. Haha :P

Early morning in San Juan beach, Urbiztondo, La Union

I was supposed to have my birthday trip in Tacloban, kaya lang, I got swamped with work the week leading to it. I just shrugged off the sayang thoughts and proceeded to enjoy my month in any way I can. So lunch outs, dinners, frisbee, and this: a weekend trip to one of the surfing spots in the country.

Hello (again) La Union!

For Php2000/person, the organizer threw in transpo, surfing lessons, a trip to a waterfall (waterfalls? Ano ba? Ngayon lang ako nagduda. Hahaha.) and whatever detail I may have already forgotten. Nope, kkb sa accomodation.

We rented a room in one of the new places in the area. The owner was a friend of my companion, and she was really nice. I'd probably stay again in her place if I get the chance to revisit the place.
The place was really colorful. :)

So, what stuck to me out of the entire trip was these: the dinners and lunches at carinderias (swerte, masarap lahat, pramis!), the scary stories during one of our nighttime roadtrip, my 2nd time trying to learn how surf (soshal ng surfschool, may uniform. haha), the Guinabang falls (mejo 'false'. Haha pero patawarin. Di naman maulan eh :)))), and revisiting the places I've been to during my last year's solo trip. Also, getting to spend so much time with the crazy-coolest companions. Haha :D
Off-limits beach We got in coz we were VIP like that. :)) (Srsly, thanks kuya Allan! ^^)

Finding wonderland.

Me, and the very cute Keshi. Pang TL!


So I made new friends, bonded with the old ones, stood on a surf board, trekked to the waterfalls, scared myself silly with horror stories, and got sun-kissed. What a beautiful prelude to (legit) summertime. <3 p="">
Sunset. The best way to end any day. <3 td="">