Wednesday, February 27, 2013

High Season

Re-posting a poem I wrote for unFold (2 years ago!):

Up here, it’s an upside down world.
At my feet, a sea of clouds.
And below –
eagles and crows
about. © 2011, Aubrey Graze Pareja

Yep, it's my high season all right. Finally got to climb Pico de Loro (been eyeing that Monolith for a looooooong time!). It was an easy climb,somewhere between Mt Maculot and Mt. Batulao in difficulty (like: Mt Maculot < Mt Pico de Loro < Mt Batulao-- but don't take my word for it. I'm no expert. Head onto Pinoy Mountaineer's site for more technical info). That ascent to the Monolith's top was nerve-wracking though-- but only when I think hard about it. During my climb, I didn't. I did have had nightmares of having let go of that rope on the way up a few nights after the climb-- totally such a small price to pay for that epic feeling of a dream realized.

9: Pico de Loro | Down the Monolith: this looks waaaay easier than it really is! (Feb2013)
Two weeks later, I found myself back at the Rockies, this time with old friends (the first one was with almost-strangers-turned-friends). I really can't tell if the trail was the same one I climbed the last time, but it felt the same-- heart busting! Still, we managed to reach the campsite in less than hour (I think). This time, I got to see more of the rockies, and even reached some of its knee-buckling lower parts.
10: Mt. Maculot Rockies-- same place,different view | Photo by Arman Gonzales(Feb2013)
 I'm not taking mountaineering accidents lightly, mind you, but isn't it funny  how being thisclose to falling off a cliff can make someone feel so alive (or it's just me?). 

Off to more exhilarating climbs in the future (this weekend, actually)! Yep, high season, it is.

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