Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday Challenge: How Far Can I Remember?

24: Second job, 7th&8th mountains
23: First solo backpacking trip.
22: College graduation; first corporate job
21: MyMathVentures (thesis)
20: UP Green League. Also, my spiritual birth-year (aka the proverbs day)
19: Bumagsak ako sa isang subject, for the first time in my life. :))
18: Natuto rin ako mag-code ng tama, sa wakas! :)) Also, hello Java!
17: Highschool grad, became HAI's panganay and... hello UP! <3 p="p">16: National popquiz @ Dipolog*
15: Secrets of the Machine (waaah di ko na sigurado kung 2nd year yun o 3rd year hs, pero me alam pa kong konting lines :)))
14: Yung pamumulot ng plastic cups with Ann, Kankan and Joie dahil kala namin required. :))))
13: Yung sakit ng di pagkakasama sa top 10 :))))
12: Elem grad, hello Pasay West.
11: Hotohori vs Tamahome fan war with my best friend (haha Ann, remember? :)))
10: My Christian homeroom teacher. She's the first Christian I've gotten to know, only I was too young then to appreciate the significance.
9: Field day. Yung sayaw na may involved na dumbbells. Haha
8: Grade 2. Transferred from Hilongos, Leyte to P.Zamora in Pasay. Me and my bisayan accent. Meeting my best friend.
7. Hello Hilongos South Central School! Jackstones and scrubbing floors and me fainting during the first flag ceremony. The php2 baon and English-only-policy. Yung teacher na nang-iinjection daw ng makukulit na bata (pero panakot na tsismis lang naman ata un. :)))
6-0: Playing in the beach. My first ship ride and seeing kids diving for coins. Drying batteries by the sea wall. Panakaw na pagkain ng chocolates. Buildings built out of encyclopedia. Memorizing the planets of the solar system. Barbies na pitpit ang mga kamay.