Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love in a Hopeless Place? (Ramblings about Boracay)

A/N: This isn't going to be coherent, nor detailed. Much has been said and written about Boracay, and I don't think I'd be able to contribute anything new to the wealth of online info about it. Besides, it's probably one of the most hassle-free vacation destination there is, and contrary to what is widely-believed, not really that expensive (or maybe because I was there in the off-season?)I was a first time visitor, and despite my initial misgiving about the place due to its reputation as a party island (I'm not a party person), I'd thoroughly enjoyed myself. Also, I managed to do just what I came to the island for: tone down my travel hyperactivity and just stay put. Yay.

So what about the title?
Every single time I pass by D'mall, I hear that song playing. Up until now it's still a loop inside my head. I don't know why the shops play that song endlessly. But seriously, every single time.  I can tell immediately if I'm nearing D'mall even with my eyes closed: that song would be blaring from speakers.

One of the alleys in D'mall.