Monday, July 9, 2012

Palawan Day 4: Homebound (But Not For Long)

Wake up at 7am, roam around the city center, visit a museum, see Plaze Cuartel, have lunch, dash to the airport.

Woke up at 10:30, a hurried lunch (and all because the trike driver misheard my 'Plaza Cuartel' and thought I meant 'Plaza Hotel' >.<), a quick peek at the Cathedral and missing Plaza Cuartel by inches, and the mad, mad dash to the airport.

But even ruined plans and oversleeping can bring good things, for the lunch at the uber cheap resto below Plaza Hotel proved to be delicious and interesting. After the early lunch (or brunch), Tina and I headed to the Cathedral. I tried to look for Plaza Cuartel (it was nearby) but I was unable to find it. I was running out of time, so I had no choice but to hail a trike and head to the airport, which, thankfully, was nearby.

I made it to the airport with a few minutes to spare, just enough for a few deep breaths before the call for boarding. I like the feeling of having made it exactly on time. :P The flight was a little bumpy, but not scary and I made it to Manila a little before 3pm.

This 4-day solo trip is different from the ones I had before in the way that I met so many fellow travelers along the way. The stories that I've heard from them had given me a picture of the the rest of the world, brightly colored with the perceptions of people who have seen so many things, and is yet hungry for more sights. Someday, I wish to see the rest of the world, too, but for now, I'm getting myself intimately acquainted with my country. And then when that someday comes, I'll bring the tales of the Philippines to rest of the world, just like the travelers who came before me. :)

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