Saturday, June 16, 2012

TripLANGthing (Aldave, 2012)

Things I learned today:

1. Tagalog word for biodiversity is samu't-saring buhay. I like that word, it does call to mind diversity and life.

 2. You can go to a tree-planting activity and not be able to plant a single tree because there weren't just enough seedlings for all the volunteers who turned up. Which makes Haribon's million hectare reforestation project a very possible endeavor. I can't wait for a much greener Pilipinas. Yay! (Side (unrelated) note: There are lots of plants turning up all over Pasay these days. Noice.)
3. No more seedlings to plant? Turn tree-planting into triplangthing. Impromptu mini day hike-- hurrah! 

4. Daranak falls is nearby and awesome. Go! 

5. Magic Towel!!!!! I wish I knew about this before. It could save me lots of space usually occupied by a beach towel. It's so absorbent, you can use it to dry your clothes. Amazing. And cheap (Php10 lang for hanky-sized one). Coolness. I'd have to find out where I can buy one though. Perhaps in Ace Hardware?

6. And finally, Ms. Slowpoke is slowpoke, as I've only learned how to use Picasa Mosaic maker tonight (very much evidenced by this post. Ha.)

Thank you sa lahat ng kasama ko for a wonderful triplangthing! Impromptu people are the best! :)


  1. malinis pa ba ang daranak falls? :) ang lamig ng tubig no? >.<

    gusto ko din ng magic towel! sabihan mo ko pag nakakita ka ng bilihan!

    1. Yep, malinis naman. Naamaze talaga ako sa magic towel. Haha. Manghahunting ako nun sa mga DIY stores :))