Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What to do on a Mt. Manalmon trip

meet-up at UP
Moment ni Kuya habang inaantay ang mga late. 

eat at NLEX stopover.
Salamat I, sa pizza. :)

ignore dust. play games.
squeeze. climb. stretch. and pose. spelunking at Bayukbok cave

swim. camp. count shooting stars. follow fireflies. sleep under the stars.

chase. touch. marvel at the sunrise

and listen to the stories of how it came to be.
This was the story narrated by our guide.
There was a man named Yon who foolishly killed a fairy's white deer. The fairy gave him a chance to redeem himself though, and asked him
to come up with 11 glasses of bunga (betel?) juice. But Yon, who as been said was really foolish, put some water in his last glass in an
attempt to cheat at his task. This naturally angered the fairy, and at the very spot where we stood to wait for the sunrise, she had Yon swallowed
by the earth. That is why the place was called Manalmon, from the root word lamon, which can roughly translate to swallow (although much more
appropriately translate to "to eat voraciously"). On a related legend, there are beautiful birds around the area with a distinct call. Its sounds
almost like 'yonko'. Yon had a sweetheart, and the fairy turned her into a bird (but WHY??!). Up until now she is still in the area, looking
for him, calling out, "Yon ko! Yon ko!".
Thank you UPGL for the fun-filled Sakay! Until the next one! :)


  1. nice sana ma-dayhike ko ito nxt month ^_^

    1. Aww. Dayhike lang? You'll miss both sunrise and sunset! Pero I'm sure it would still be fun. Dami activities sa Mt. Manalmon. :)