Monday, April 23, 2012

Freedom Island Coastal Clean-up

In celebration of Earth Day, me and some UPGL-mates joined Earth Island Institutes' Celebrate Earth Day by Cleaning Up the Freedom Island Coast on April 21

From the site:
[Freedom Island coast] is the last remaining mangrove frontier in Metro Manila that provides sanctuary to more than 80 species of local and migratory birds. Its diverse ecosystem also caters different marine creatures that are important to the livelihood of local fisher folks. But it is continuously threatened by the garbage problem and the impending reclamation project.

Photo grabbed from EII site | This was how the coast looked like almost a year ago.
According to a friend, clean-ups initiated by different groups have been continuously ongoing since last year. And here is the result:

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Would you know if it's time for the ship to set sail?
Is it time already to leave the shore?
I have been in this island for far too long,
I have forgotten how is it to be without a home.
I've tamed my heart and made it deaf
to the bewildering calls of adventure.
But I can feel it stirring now
from its thousand year sleep. Perhaps,
it is indeed
time for me to go.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy Week Vacation in La Union--Other Stuff

Fares, accommodations, and other things might worth mentioning. Seems there's no getting out of the lazy mode, after all.

1.Bus fare: (Manila - San Fernando City, La Union) 
Free. Yep,. you  read it right. Free, courtesy of Globe Love Bus. Probably the main reason why I embarked on this trip in the first place. Aside from the ride, I also got a really cool lanyard and a Php50 off a movie ticket for participation in two of their on bus games. Yeah, yeah, I'm a sucker for freebies. :))
Thought bubble: Go lang ng go.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy Week Vacation in La Union--Summary

A/N I might write about individual experiences if I get out of lazy mode. And more pics to follow. But for now, sneak peek:

April 5
1. Supposedly 7hr road-trip turned 12hr because of the holy week mad rush to the provinces. But it was a comfortable bus ride courtesy of Globe Love Bus. Yep, I got my transpo to and from La Union for free, with games and prizes and candies to boot. Thanks Globe! And I like your slogan huh: Go lang ng go. It suits me. At one point in the expressway, we got free goodies from Oishi. :9

2. Arrived at around 10pm at San Fernando Plaza. Spent the night at the Php300  peson (fan) room of Plaza Hotel. The room was okay--nice, even, but the common toilet was almost a nightmare. Almost because I can tolerate almost anything, so I'm not sure if that's saying something. There was no flowing water (thank God there was some stored in a tumbler), trash here and there, and it stank, but since the toilet was separated from the room, I slept soundly and comfortably. 
Night View - My Room - Day View