Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pagudpud Southbound Tour

After the almost 12 hours road trip which was the subject of my epiphany here, we arrived at Pagudpud. The Florida bus conductor handed us a call card of a trike-driver-slash-tourist-guide whom I promptly called and made arrangements with. Trike tours in Pagudpud are fairly standard: Php600 for south bound tours and Php 600 for northbound tours so there wasn't much negotiations made. Actually, there weren't any. We haven't made any arrangements with regards to our accommodation for the night, but I was confident that we'd find an affordable one.

Before starting with the tour, we ate brunch at the cafeteria at Florida's bus station. It was almost 11 am when we finished eating and met our tour guide, kuya Marlou. He took us first to John Ronald Resort (a suggestion of his) where we decided to stay. Saud beach was just a few steps away and the room was standard: airconditioned, with CR, a tv, tables and a bed for Php 1500/night (Php500/each), and free breakfast. After resting for a bit, we proceeded with the tour.

Here are the places we visited:

Pagudpud town marker

Bangui Windmills
Our first stop was the famous windmills. When we arrived, the wind wasn't strong enough to make the mills move, but after some time, they began turning one by one.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
The trike ride from the highway to the rock formation jump-off was rough and loooong. We went there around noon, so the heat was in full blast. Good thing they had umbrellas there, and you just had to leave any amount as a donation if you use one.

From the store where Kuya Marlou parked his trike, we walked through a rugged landscape, which was alive with interesting, bonsai-ish plants and mini ponds. It looks slippery in some part, but it wasn't. They don't allow people to climb the rocks anymore to prevent damage to the rocks. The side shown in this picture is the front part. The rear part of the formation is also interesting.
Kapurpurawan rock formation | The root word "puraw" means white, right Cere? 

Cape Bojeador
We decided to have lunch after Kapupurawan, and Kuya Marlou took us to an eatery located across the scenic Cape Bojeador. We had our first bagnet there (dried, salted pork, and usually crispy-- the one we ate here wasn't that crispy though, but it was okay). Aside from that, we also ordered a seaweed dish (I forgot the local name) and sinigang na isda ([sour] fish stew-- according to google translate). We were also served a huge plateful of rice. It must be the sea-air, or the fact that we've been on our feet for far too long, that made us eat so heartily. I nibbled on some seaweeds, and I don't think Dar touched it. Haha. It was Cere and Kuya Marlou who had to finish the dish.
After the satisfying (and quite cheap, if I remember correctly we paid Php270 for everything [the heaping serving of rice, the 3 dishes, and a liter of softdrinks]) lunch, we headed to the last part of the southbound tour.
View of Cape Bojeador from the eatery

Burgos (Cape Bojeador) Lighthouse
Like in the windmills viewpoint, you can also buy souvenirs here, although I think, they are more expensive than the ones in the viewpoint. For example, a windmill replica is sold at Php 25 there, while here, it is sold for 3 for Php100 or Php35 each.
We didn't buy any souvenirs, although Cere bought some karamay. It's a kind of fruit soaked in vinegar. I only ate one (Dar, too, just had one), and left the rest to poor Cere to finish it up, no matter how much she insisted that we eat some more. :))
Karamay with salt

Three little girls at the entrance. Haha

This lighthouse looks a lot like the one in Capones (the first lighthouse I've seen up close). I've read somewhere it's the highest lighthouse in the Philippines, and still being used up to now.

Up Next: Pagudpud Northbound tour

Important expenses:
Fare to Pagudpud (Florida bus with CR) : Php 750
Accommodation (aircon, overnight, with breakfast) : Php 1500/3 = Php 500
Trike Tour (Southbound) : Php 600/3 = Php 200
Trike Tour (Northbound) : Php 600/3 = Php 200
Entrance fee (Kabigan Falls) Php 10 each + Php 100/3 (guidefee) = Php 44
Entrance fee to Blue Lagoon: Php 0 (supposedly Php20, I think)
Fare to Laoag (ordinary bus) : Php 70
Entrance fee (Museum) : Php 50
Fare to Manila (Florida bus with CR): Php 630 (not sure)
A meal usually costs up to Php 150 (food trip level. Haha)


  1. Hi,

    Your trip was great! Me and my gf will be in pagudpud by june. I would like to ask some questions

    1. The fare you mentioned by Florida, is this from Manila to Pagudpud?
    2. Is there any bus in Pagudpud going back to Manila? If yes, what are their schedule?
    3. You mentioned John Ronald Resort as your accomodation, how was it?

    Hope to hear you soon.. Thanks in advance!

    1. 1. Yep, the fare was from Florida bus station, Sampaloc Manila.
      2. Yep, there are several actually. Florida bus is one of them. If I remember correctly, they have a 8 and 10pm trip back to Manila. But to be sure, you may ask the conductor. You can also reserve tix upon arrival in Pagudpud.
      3. John Ronald was ok. Clean room and cr, with tv and breakfast (just a simple one). It's one tumbling away from Saud beach. Their bed can fit three persons comfortably and well, everything that was expected to work inside the room worked. :)

      Hope you have a nice trip, too. :)