Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maybe Why I Travel

i long for dust swirling in the wake of the slow moving bus
and tangling and settling in my hair
along with the wind.

i long for houses and farms whooshing past
and sometimes, rivers and lakes in a blur
glimpse of child strangers playing games
i may have played before.

i long for the gentle crashing of the waves
and that nostalgic smell of the sea.
i long for blinding blue
and that somber orange hue at the end of the day.

i long for grasses that feels cool to my back
as a lie with my eyes on the sky
i long for that fleeting taste of flying
as i watch a bird soar up high.

i long for a patch of trees that keep a secret
and flowers too shy to bloom all at once.

i long for friendly smiles and small talks without motives
and eyes which hold no more than curiosity

i long for a place where nobody knows me--
and where, for a moment, i know me.

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