Friday, March 9, 2012

Eyes on the Sky

I often walk with eyes drawn towards the sky. Even with the threat of bodily harm, I find looking at the sky irresistible. It's a beautiful earthly feature, an art show above my head. It's an exhibit that is ever-changing, and always lovely. On really lucky days, the sky rewards me, as an avid audience, of a special treat. It could be a really awesome cloud formation. Or a sunrise that I witness because I'm up early. Or an ephemeral double rainbow. Or a wonderful, just-the-right-shade of blue that I really, really like, moments before dusk.
Do you see it? 

I love the sky anytime of the day. I like sunrises, even if it's the show I miss the most often because I have a problem with waking up early. Keh. I like how one moment everything is dark, and then slowly, slowly, like a person unpacking a prized gadget, the light creeps into the sky, dressing up the clouds in girly colors. A few moments later, the darkness is totally dispelled, and the sky is ready for its next show.
Wow! I have a pre-sunset picture. Where's my award? (Taken at Corregidor Is, during a marathon. I was a marshall)

I call it the showcase of clouds. It totally depends upon the audience how much entertaining the show would be; it is on the audience's ability to look beyond the obvious and see pictures on what could only be a fluff of clouds. I've seen the usual: dogs and cherubs and cats and hearts. I've seen Barney too (well, technically, it could be any dino). Aboard a plane, I saw castles and cities teeming with cloud people. Well, that last part may be all inside my head, but I swear, the clouds were so massive that they could be cuddling a civilization within. And even on days when imagination fails, there is something about cottony clouds set against a taut bright-blue canvass that never fail to lighten my heart.

Taken at Calaguas.
This is Barney. Taken on the way to Hundred Is, Pangasinan

And then, of course, sunset. On one of my recent trips, sunset watching was part of the itinerary. It is also an often-included agenda in my other trips. It is really special. I can't really call it my favorite, but I watch the sunset whenever I can. I'm really thankful I get to work on the 31st floor, because then I can watch from above as the sun sinks to retire for the night. I don't have to describe what an amazing spectacle a sunset is, because I'm sure everyone must have had their breath taken away by it at least once in their lives.

November 2011

February 2012

February 2012

Wouldn't it be awesome if that small circle is the moon? Haha
Then, dusk. This one falls into 'special treats' category because it's not everyday I can get out just in time for this. I'm not talking about going home early, because dusk-watching is all about timing. I have to be out at the exact moment the sun has set, but has left enough light to make the sky into the kind of blue that I really, really, really like. I suppose the term is dusky? Anyway, I don't know what's it's called, only that it makes me happy when I see it. It's just a few moments peek, and then the sky turns dark, and the stars are supposed to come out.
Dusk in Ortigas

Only, they don't come out much, since one of the many banes of city living is the light pollution that blots out most of the stars, save for the very bright few. (That makes me excited for Earth Hour!) I guess I should consider myself blessed to be able to trace Orion with my fingers. Thankfully, the moon is nearer, so it can't be blot out by the city lights. It's a comfort to gaze at the serene beauty of the moon, although it can be frustrating to photograph it, specially when all you have is a digicam. Yep, I tried many, many times. Even with my imperfect vision, a full moon seems so big, but all I see in my camera screen is a white, scattered dot of light. Sigh.

One of my favorite pics. 

Taken at Calaguas

Taken at Greenbelt

Super zoomed. >.<

Those are the sky shows I treat myself to everyday, but there are many, many others that are far more breathtaking. Aurora borealis. Meteor shower (I don't think I have seen one, although I've seen a shooting star). Milky way galaxy. Newly discovered cloud formation. I've got a long way to go before I can see them, so until then, my eyes are fixed on my part of sky.

And oh. Thanks for the free show, sky.

P.S. I've seen an eclipse before. Cool.

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