Thursday, February 2, 2012

Banaue - Sagada Adventure with ClubTravelNow Highlights

For our last day in Sagada, we:

1.) had breakfast at Masferre again. This meal cost Php 120 (with hot choco)

2.) visited St. Mary the Virgin Church

3.) passed by a modern cemetery on our way to Echo Valley. Somehow, their cemetery doesn't look scary but of course, I haven't seen it at night. Anyway, it looks nicer than the public ones we have in Manila. 

4.) Climbed rocks at Echo Valley. I didn't shout because I was reserving my energy for the trek to the hanging coffins. But surely, the echos were loud.

5.) looked at the hanging coffins up close. The last one was interred there about 2 years ago.

6.) Went to Bontoc Museum in Bontoc. This one features the indigenous culture of the north.

7.) Yep, this is how they mourn for their dead.

8.) Passed by ultra-foggy Mt. Polis again for a quick stop-over. It was soooo cold by then.

9.) Got stranded at some point in the highway. We took the opportunity to take more photos. Haha.

10.) and ate dinner somewhere in Nueva Viscaya (a stopover). I saw this little gem while I was choosing what to eat.
My translation:
you get to know yourself better
while getting lost--
while walking farther and farther
and farther away from home,
until hellos and how-do-you-dos
are spoken in a way
you haven't heard before. 

The long weekend vacation was fun and lesson-filled. Thank you ClubTravelNow! for the smooth trip, awesome company and the chance to see much of the beautiful Sagada. Till next trip! :)

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