Monday, December 26, 2011

UP Lantern Parade

This happy activity marks the start of the holidays for the students. It's something everyone looks forward to, even the non-UP people. So many people flock to the campus that it's usually difficult to get a text message across, much more a cellphone call. XD
People gathered in the best viewing spot: Eng'g steps. We weren't able to find a spot. :(

Since Eng'g steps were so crowded, we decided to stay at the opposite site. There's wasn't much to complain about, only that our view were mostly the rear part. Haha.

Tried to photograph it before it turned its back on us. 
Here are more of the lantern parade:
Educ pips. 
Lantern Parade isn't the same without these. 

Eng'g crowd
Lights are coming out, since it's getting dark. 
FA students as french fries and suman. They are the most anticipated part of the parade.
The parade capped off with a fireworks display. Everything went fine until a minor mishaps with fireworks (the last part misfired or something.) It caused some of us to panic (we were near the fireworks area). One moment we were lying placidly in the grass, wowing with each display and the next minute we were scrambling away. Thank God none of us were hurt or anything.

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