Monday, December 26, 2011

UP GL Christmas Party

This year, my beloved envi org celebrated Christmas by giving back and hosting a party for street kids in the campus.
Some of the kids in our Mini Christmas Party

There were craft making and story telling and games with prizes for everyone. It's an awesome thought to bring home: that we're able to brighten some kids' Christmas a little bit.
Ooodles and oodles of spaghetti for the kids. 

After that, we held our own Christmas parties with food, gifts and of course, traditional GL games:
Face the Message: A hilarious parlor game popular with the GL crowd
We suspect the President manipulated the exchange gifts activity (flipping of coins were involved) to get these:
Fooling around had gotten me a bloody head. haha. But after all these years, I still fit in there. :P

After the party, we played Egyptian wars and Killer some more before heading out to watch the annual lantern parade.

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