Saturday, December 31, 2011

This year I,

1. TRAVELLED. A lot. Malayo. Malapit. (libreng) EK. Ecopark. Splash Island. Cagayan de Oro. Iligan. Bukidnon. Camiguin. (weekly) UP. Nasugbu, Batangas. Club Manila East. Cebu. Baguio. Benguet. Naga. Caramoan. Bohol. Butuan. Hinatuan and Mangagoy, Surigao del Sur. Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. Davao. Samal Is. Pilillia, Rizal. Nuvali. Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Corregidor. A total of 10 domestic flights (all in Cebupac. Haha, I deserve a loyalty reward. :P) Miles and miles of bus rides. Hundreds of strangers befriended. Several personalities (and fictional BFs) invented-- for security purposes. Hahaha. A lot of habal-habal rides (thank God for keeping me away from accidents, always). And the breath-taking sights-- I tear up just remembering them. Thank God for a beautiful Philippines. Thank God for the opportunity to see them. Thank God for the adventure.

2. TRAVELLED-ALONE. It was scary (but only during the planning stage); it was uncertain at times; it was freaky and dangerous when you think of it; but boy, all that paled in comparison to the wonderful sense of adventure and achievement I felt during and after. I learned a lot, and one thing I'm always be grateful for is the feeling of independence that stayed with me even after the trip. I'm gonna do it again, again, and again, year after year. :)

3. CLIMBED MOUNTAINS. Mt. Pulag. Mt. Sembrano. Mt. Manabu. I thought I had given up on mountains after the dizzying Mt. Daguldul climb. I may have not said it aloud, but the difficulty I've encountered had made me shy away from climbs. I was not able to resist the beauty of Mt. Pulag sunrise I've seen in pictures, though. And when the opportunity arose to climb it, I threw all my misgivings about my ability and signed up.  I'm glad I did. Despite the dizziness, the shortness of breath, the cold, I'm glad I did. Mt. Pulag, I'm seeing you again this year. :)

4. In connection with number 3, RAN. I attempted to join UP Mountaineers (and failed. haha). But out of the attempt, I discovered something I loved doing: running. Or at least, running-walking. I  joined some fun runs, and finished all of them (not in record time though. haha) Because of the activity, I felt I was able to climb mountains with more ease than before. Yay.

5. LEARNED A LOT OF THINGS. Discipleship training. Swimming lessons. White water rafting (char!). BMC c/o UPM. Drawing. Photography. Running. And from the challenges 2011 threw at me. And specially, I learned about waiting a lot. :)

6. WON CONTESTS AND GOT PUBLISHED. small time lang. pero still makes me happy. <3

7. GOT FEATURED IN TV. Haha, proud pa eh. But I can't find an online copy of the episode. Sa Unang Hirit nga pala yun, and about game dev. :)


This was my 2011. A year of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and starry nights and blue skies and dusty roads and funky soundtracks and muddy tracks and rainy days and different languages;  a year of trying to be brave and succeeding even a tiny bit; a year of learning about myself and knowing the things that I could do (are beyond what I thought I could); a year of sharing adventures with friends. An awesome year. All thanks to the Father whose blessings are like waterfall-- even when all you can believe in is a tiny drop.