Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Corregidor (and Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon) Day 2

We woke up before the sun does. As marshals, there were sooo much to prepare: water, ice, bananas, tables and the lot.
Testing the timer at pre-dawn

I was assigned at station 10, where aside from water, runners can also get bananas. I was tasked with cutting up the bananas into bite-sized pieces.

And then... gunstart! The first runner that passed by us was last year's champion. Another runner was almost on his heels. We were cheering them both on. Neither stopped for a drink. Wow, intense competition.
Moments later, runners started to trickle in.
We ran out of bananas and ice a little past halfway of the race. We didn't run out of encouragement for the runners, though. :)
A few minutes after the race, we proceeded to pick up the discarded plastic cups and cleaned up our area. Then we went to the hospital station (via tram) to pick up the group there.

The old hospital. Imagine the ghostsss~ Haha
After the race, there was a buffet lunch for everyone. We were planning to join the guided tour after lunch, but called it off and went to sleep instead. :P At night, a party was launched for the runners and the marshals. Two bands played for the party. But what was cool was the eclipse that happening that night. I got a clear view. Weee~
Poor attempt to capture the eclipse on (cellphone) cam.


  1. Mukhang may ghosts nga sa hospital! lol! Parang bitin yata ako sa banana pag isa lang kinuha ko. hihihi!

  2. Haha oo Anney, feel na feel kong may mumu dun. :))