Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Corregidor (and Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon) Day 1

Thursday, around 9 pm
SMS: Au, 3d2n all-expense paid trip to Corregidor. Game?
Me: Wait, paalam ako sa work. (Sends sms, received an OK) Ayan, gaaaaame!

Friday, around 4 am
Grabbed what ever clothes are on top in the closet, stuffed them in a backpack . Bakasyon naman eh, keber kahit anong damit.

            around 6 am
Rode a Holiday bound-jeep, then another one to Harrison, and finally the orange multicabs that goes around CCP complex. Got off at Sun Cruises terminal, saw a friend also waiting for boarding.

            around 7 am
Nobody's arriving yet and I was starting to get worried. Received an SMS that they were already at the terminal, but I can't find them. XD Turns out they are at the docking area (near Folk Arts theater). Went there, and finally got to board the ferry under somebody else's name. =) Yaaay, Corregidor, I'm off to see you. Also found out on the spot that I'll be a marshal at the Int'l Half-marathon that's happening the next day. Surprise!

           around 9 am
The ferry left a little late. We were assigned seats at the viewing deck. Would have been nice if it wasn't raining. Fortunately, they let us in the upper deck. Slept through the majority of the trip. It was raining hard when we arrived at The Rock. A couple of trams brought us to the hostel, where we will be staying for  the next 2 days. I was pleasantly surprise that we were provided linen and toiletries. I got a nice spot at the corner, although you'd have to squeeze through to get to the bed. We were with a lot of students in one room, so I was expecting things to get a little noisy, and toilet time to be queuing. =)))

         ...and thereafter
Free lunch, free time, and then we were given a mini tour of the race route around the island. I would have fancied running the race, if not for the 60º "killer" hill at the last 3-4 km of the race and the road passing by the hospital. My brain would not let me not imagine the lost souls I might encounter when I pass by that place. XD And the numerous ruins along the way. I'm not scared of ghosts, just wary. Hehe. I was assigned at the kilometer-10 hydration station, and aside from the water, we will be handing out bananas. Okay.

After the tour I slept, then woke up for the carbo loading. I had high expectations for this event, but the spaghetti and the mashed potato disappointed me. Especially since the latter did not come with gravy. But hey, I ate for free, who am I to complain?

I did complain a lot about the prices of commodity in the island though. They were marked up to greater than a hundred percent. A sunny side up egg costs Php 25. Coke sakto is at Php 20. Yes. I got frequently bored, so I had no choice but to buy food and eat. Oh well =))

Back to the carbo-loading, the host, Maey (of Survivor Phil latest season) was hilarious. I don't fancy being 'interviewed' by her, though, because I'd be destroyed to bits by the audience's evil laughter =))) I also learned about last year's champion, who finished the race in an hour and 19 minutes. He's a policeman and he's secret (and advice to runners) is to get plenty of sleep. =)) For some perspective, it takes me an hour and a half to finish 10k-- on a flat ground. The guy is soooo amazing.

        ...and time to sleep!
The next day would be a loooong day for marshals and runners alike. Very exciting, too. Definitely.