Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Be a Blessing this Christmas

It's my favorite season again! Every time the streets and houses light up with Christmas lights, my heart lights up as well, for these colorful decorations bring up lovely childhood memories of Christmas. It was a wonderful time to be a kid when it's Christmas-- lot's of of gifts, food and games for every one.

But, of course, I learned soon enough that not every kid gets to experience that sort of happy Christmas. For some kids, Christmas would be just another day to get through, and worse, just that time of the year to look on enviously at more fortunate children having the time of their lives.

There is something we can do for these kids, the unfortunate ones, I mean. For Php350 and/or a day in our year, we can give them a field trip that would not only be enjoyable, but educational as well. I Pinoy is sponsoring a field trip for Grade 1-36 of CAA Elementary School in Las Piñas City.

Grade 1-36 students of CAA elementary School. Photo by Mars Mercado
A lot of these kids have never been to a field trip before, and may never get to experience one again. It is now our chance to make their Christmas season a memorable one, and ours as well.

Our Php 350 will pay for the a kid's transportation, entrance fee and food. We can also donate our time to this activity by being a buddy to one kid during the field trip.

For more details on how to join and on how to donate, visit this Facebook event page.

Merry Christmas!

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