Sunday, November 13, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 5: Last Day in Davao

And here's what I did with the 8 hours I had left before my 7pm flight back to Manila:

Eden Nature Park
Packed my bag and checked-out of Green Windows Dormitel (I had a supeeer nice stay. I will be staying there again the next time I'm in Davao). I rode a jeep to Toril and got off at Mercury Drug Store. There, I rode a trike to Eden Nature Park.
I availed of the plated snack package, which together with the guided tour, costs Php280. The snack passed for lunch: tuna sandwich, a glass of coke, and chips. The other option was a lunch buffet, fyi. The tour started at around 11 and took about an hour.

We passed by orchards, gardens, cabins and forests. I love how they managed to transform a balding mountain to a thriving eco-park. They have organic gardens and an open air museum called Tinubdan, too. Unfortunately, it rained during the second half of the tour, so I wasn't able to explore the museum, which the guide said showcases indigenous culture of the Lumad people. I wasn't able to do the mountain trail, too. :(


Still, the visit to Eden was fun and interesting. After the tour, I met a family from Manila who kindly offered me a ride to Philippine Eagle Center. Thank you very much, Ma'am Tess. :)

Philippine Eagle Center
Yay. I got a free taxi ride from Eden Nature Park to the eagle center, so sorry folks, I cannot tell you how to get there via public transpo. :P

Anyway, at the park I met a flying fox (a bat, actually), a falcon (who almost pooped on me. XD), a wire-walking monkey, a really huge sea-eagle with scary looking talons (I've seen it up close), and of course the Philippine eagles. The really important ones are wayyyy up, so high that my poor cellphone cam could not capture their image. And I haven't really seen them well, too, even though I had my glasses on. The sea eagles were the more down-to-earth type, and the friendly caretaker even helped us snap a "facebook-profile-picture" (his term) picture. 

You wouldn't notice in the thumbnail that kuya's behind me. And I hope you won't notice that my smile is an 'er-scary-talon-smile' 

Kuya: Smile like you're not scared.  

Hey there flying fox.

...And the mad dash to the airport
Kuya Joey (the taxi driver. I hope I remember his name right. Will post his number here later) dropped me off   at the highway, where I rode a habal-habal to the jeepney station. I rode an airconditioned jeep to the downtown, where I rode another jeep to the airport. I only have an hour or so before 6 (my flight's at 7:15) so I was kinda frantic. And drat, the traffic's bad. I kept praying I wouldn't miss my flight. Another concern of mine was my heavy backpack (which weighed more than the allowed 7.5k check-in baggage) because I had no check-in baggage allowance. Needless to say, I reached the airport with minutes to spare, and checked-in smoothly. Yay! And yep, I did not check-in my backpack. It must have looked 7.5k-ish. :P 

Would probably be blogging about reflections on travelling solo. One thing I can say about the whole experience would be: life-changing. And that I'm definitely doing it again.
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  1. Nice photos! I would also like to visit Davao one of these days!