Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Make Me Happy

Freeze sunrise and sunset for me--
Those times when an Artist spills his paint in the sky.
Get me a piece of the moon and some of the stars--
give me my own bright night.

Take me to the mountaintop, take me below the sea.
Take me flying above the clouds, as high as we can be.
Teach me to say I love you in strange languages of the world;
Introduce me strangers. Tell me stories yet to be told.

Give me seeds that'll bloom into flowers all within a day
bring me flowers whose colors will never fade away.
Plant me a tree that won't take a decade to grow
and would live and grow until Earth herself lets go.

Jump with me off a cliff, laugh with me while we fall
and when we hit the water, laugh with me some more.
Stay with me as I learn how to grow wings and fly
Stay with me even it's foolish (and I'm a fool) to try.

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