Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Macro-madness in Manabu

Went on a day hike last Sunday, and I'd enjoyed taking close up shots of the flora (and some fauna) of Mt. Manabu. Here are some:
"Like berries"


Nice stripes. :) We also encountered a little snake, with red and orange markings. Wasn't able to take a picture of it, though.

Mushrooms? Or toadstools? 

My favorite!
I just wish I know the names of these plants. Makes me want to learn Taxonomy seriously. :)

For useful info about Mt. Manabu, see this post by Pinoy Mountaineer.

For more pictures, see this FB album.


  1. galing asin asin ang tawag namin diyan sa last picture kasi ang bunga niyan maliit na bilog.ang ganda ng bulaklak

  2. Ahh, asin asin pala pangalan nun. Thanks sa info :)