Saturday, October 15, 2011

Operation Solo Flight Day 3.5: First Night in Davao

I arrived at Davao at nightfall, after the 6 hour ride from Bunawan, Agusan del Sur (fare: Php190). The bus passed by a  lot of towns in Compostela Valley and it was very interesting for me because I've always wanted to know how it feels like to be in Compostela Valley. Erm, a little difficult to explain, but in a nutshell, I have this quirk of 'assigning feelings' to places I've never been to based on their name. Compostela Valley sounds a little flowery, donchatink? I can't explain that 'quirk' and the best that I can come up with is basta. 
So anyway, it was entertaining to be tweeting the location of the every stop over the bus made. It was awesome looking at the list and telling yourself oh, look there. That's already a lot of places you've been to. Yep, when you travel solo, the tendency to talk to yourself increases. Don't worry, it's healthy. :P

I rode a taxi to FTC tower from the bus terminal in Ecoland. I gave up trying to look for cheaper way to get there after a few questions directed at (shy) bystanders because most of the answers I got were I-don't-knows and blank stares. On my way there, Megiko's Php 99 peso accommodation caught my eye. I got off from the taxi then and there. Unfortunately, they didn't have available beds by that time because there were a lot of midwifery reviewers in the area and they're fully booked. I asked directions on how to go FTC tower where Green Window dormitel is, all the while praying that they're not fully booked with students too.
FTC is walking distance from Megiko, so I walked all the way there. The dormitel is located at the 5th floor of the tower. And yay, they have an available bed for me, for Php 188 a night. The room had eight other double decked beds, and I was assigned a lower bunk. Goody. They have lockers (with no locks. Bring your own if you want) where you can put your bags. After fixing my stuff, taking a long bath to rid myself of the thin layer of dust that I have acquired from hours of being on the road, and a long and fun (albeit whispered) conversation with one of my room mates, I went out and ate in Chowking. Haha. Loser dinner I know, with all the gastronomic choices that Davao offers, but I was actually too tired so it had to do. 
Here are pictures of Green Windows dormitel I grabbed from their site. I am actually reluctant to tell people to stay there when they're in Davao, because I'm afraid that it would get so famous it'd be difficult to get a bed! Haha. But seriously, it was an awesome and budget friendly place to stay in. Oh, yes, the pictures:
the common room.
the backpackers (188) room. the one I stayed in did not have the same layout, but nevertheless as roomy and airy as in the picture.

For details on expenses, see: Expenses
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