Thursday, October 13, 2011

Give me a break.

Days like this always remind me why I want to travel a lot. Because only when I'm in a strange place that I can be myself-- free from the shackles of self doubts that wrap themselves around me when I let my guard down. It is only when in a boat in the middle of an expansive, dark blue sea that I feel safe from forlorn thoughts that crept into my brain when I least expect them to. It is only when I'm in a bus seated next to a stranger and headed on to God-knows-where that I feel I am where I belong, I am in control, I am where I matter. It is only when I can give myself any name and would still not be a liar, when my age is insignificant, when what I call my job gets blank stares and absent nods when mentioned, when all I am boils down to big, hulking bag resting on my back, that I feel larger than life, awesome, ME. 

So give me a break-- take me away. Take me to the farthest place you can think of. Take me to the edge of the map, where we will walk for hours and ride for hours and sail for hours. Take me, and watch me lose myself ...and see who I really am.  Maybe (who knows?) see yourself for what you really are.

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