Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday's Best

1. AXN Run. Finished 10k in 1:31:xx, a few minutes more than my previous 1:27:xx record. >_< I finished hungier, too. Ate a huge breakfast at Pancake House.

2. SM Mall of Asia Happenings. Was supposed to meet high school friends. Unfortunately, the meeting did not push through. Decided to go and see some of the exhibitions inside the mall.
An exhibit on Manga. Very interesting. 
  • Manila International Book Fair. BOOK HEAVEN <3 But tough on my already meager budget. T.T Successfully avoided shedding some cash until I chanced upon a book on Lycans and another one on Aswangs. Wala na, GG.
Kids' books on sale. Php 60 ata. 
Academic Books. Very affordable, too.

And supeeer interesting books. Waaaaaaaah. Thank God I don't have a credit card. T.T

  • Best of Anime 2011. There was a Php 150 entrance fee. Bit pricey for me, specially since I've long outgrown my anime addiction. Lots of cosplayers mingled outside, and all of them posed gamely for pictures. I only took stolen shots though :P

One thing I haven't outgrown though, is my crush for anime looking guys. :P I still find them cute-- them with multi-colored, spiky hair and made-up faces. Kawaii! <3

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  1. Erratum: As per AXN Run's official result: 1:32:37 T.T