Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bohol 2011: the Usual Tourist Fare

I'll definitely have to come back! Lotsa' things to do outside the prescribed itinerary of tour guides. But before that, here's what I did in Bohol:

1. Visit churches. We went to two: the Daois (or Dauis?) Church, which has a freshwater, miraculous well in front of the altar, and the Baclayon Church.
Dauis Church. They give away bottled miraculous water there, and donations are expected. The church looks more like a mansion (from the outside) than a church, IMO.
Baclayon Church reminds me of a scene in the Noli Me Tangere series produced by CCP. It's a super old church. It also has museum with an entrance fee of Php 50. Love the checkered floor and the stained glass windows.
2. See the animals. :) Aside from the famous tarsiers, there are other animal sanctuaries that can be found in Bohol.
Jolly bees at the bee farm. They're domesticated, so they're safe and won't chase you.

Tarsier at the tarsier conservatory.  Bawal na hawakan, which is good. Hirap nga lang pichuran.

A butterfly feasts on mangoes at the butterfly sanctuary. They give very informative lectures there. :)

Prony the obese python. She weighs more than 200 kgs and eats about 65kgs of meat everyday.

A very handsome eagle shares the cage with Prony. I hope there's no chance he would ever become Prony's meal. >.<
3. Go to the Chocolate Hills! Yay for the absence of rain. There were a lot of people though, so it's very hard to take pictures of just the hills. Haha.
Because it was rainy, Chocolate hills is now green tea flavored. :)
4. Hug the trees at the man made forest. I wish we have something like this in Manila. Kuya Herman (our driver) told us that the trees were planted by Boy Scouts some 50 years ago. Wow. The forest looks majestic. I wish I could walk through the trees with the sunlight filtering in. There goes a Bohol part 2 to do item. :D
5. Have lunch while cruising the Loboc River. And oh, before that, cross the hanging bridge first. It's not so scary though.
The hanging bridge.

Loboc River is lovely. I bet it's even lovelier at night. I want to try that night cruise! :)
6. Aaaaand... beach to your heart's content! I love Panglao beach. It's unfortunate, though, that we weren't able to see the dolphins (AND YES, I'M COMING BACK FOR THEM!) but the snorkeling activity almost made up for it. Almost, but not quite. There were a lot of colorful fishes and corals. The islands were lovely, too. On our way back to Panglao we had to wade through sea grasses to get to the shore and then ride a motorbike back to the resort because our boatman took us to the other side. Instant Panglao tour on a motorbike. Haha. I looooooooove the beach. As in.
Virgin Island
Panglao Beach
Balicasag Island

Bohol is awesome! <3 But I know that there's more to it than the usual tourist fare that most tour guides offer. I'm definitely going back to try the unbeaten paths. :)


  1. sama mo ko! pero pwede pag me pera na uli ako? naiinggit ako! gusto ko din ung sa fireflies!

  2. Mag extreme adventure at Danao tayo Al! Mas masaya yun. Haha. Dolphins, fireflies, biking and trek along Loboc River and trek sa man-made forest (saya magpictorial dun. Haha) ang must-do ko next time. Tsaka summer dapat para chocolate and chocolate hills. :)

  3. yeah! haha. green nga ung chocolate hills! nakita ko na nga ung pricelist ng danao. gusto din ni mama. gusto din nia magzip line. haha.

  4. onga, gusto nia magzipline! may madadaanan nga kaming zipline, kaso tinamad na kami. Haha =)) Tsaka nakaskirt ako nun =))

  5. Di kami nakapag watch ng dolphins kulang na sa Oras. Nung May pa kami nag bohol ngayun ko lang na post sa dami ng mga i po post kong nakapila. hehehe! Nahawakan pa namin ang tarsier nung time na yun. Pinahawak samin nung tour guide.