Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What are Dreams Made of?

What are Dreams made of, daddy?
Are they sweet and sugary,
pink like cotton candy?
They are like cotton candy, sweet at first,
then they bite my tongue and kick my teeth.
Why do my Dreams have to be so far away,
that I'd have to run harder and faster just to reach them halfway?
Can I not have them handed to me, in red be-ribboned box,
why do I have to fight so hard--
and push all my luck?
It's just that while chasing my Dreams can be fun a lot of times,
There are days that I feel I'm out of reasons to try;
and today's one of those :( 
and there's nothing more that I like than to sit at the floor
and stare as my Dreams run out of the door.
Oh, how I want to chase them, yes I really do!
But my poor heart's beating too fast, I feel it might burst.
If I sit down and wait for my heart to calm down...
do you think there's a chance that I'd catch up with them at all?