Tuesday, August 2, 2011


First the Horcrux Hunt, then this:
I was like: Waaaaaaaaah I want to get in early. When I opened Pottermore,  the notice said that registration for day 1 is already closed. :( 
Waiting for day 2 clue as if life depended on it. Fortunately I  live at the other side of the globe, so very early in London means early afternoon for us. Wee~ And then finally, the clue! 

That progress bar is sheer torture, believe me.:)

Arrived at the deathly hallows website. It was confusing at first, and then I noticed a quill among the gallery of pictures, clicked on it, and voila! =)

I was so excited I didn't wait for everything to load first before going through the registration process. 

Yay! How I wish I really get a real Hogwarts letter. But for now, this will do. 

A few hours later, the email arrived. And now, the agonizing wait for the welcome email commence. 
For those who won't be able to get in during the Magical Quill quest, don't fret! Pottermore opens to everyone on October. :) But do try your best, because its super awesome to be in before everyone else. :)

-riverpumpkin71 (didn't like my username at first, but it has started to grow on me. haha)

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