Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I Love My Mother (Reason # 3) -- An Entry to Let's Go Sago Contest

I've traveled so often after graduation that my mom had gotten  used to this sort of conversation at home:
Me: Ma, alis ako ah? 
Ma: Saan? Kelan?
Me: Cebu. (sheepish grin) Sa weekend (which was then 2 days away. haha)
Ma: Ah okay. Mag-uwi ka ng otap ah.

I'm so glad my mom is so lenient with my trips. Because if she isn't, I won't be able to experience:

1. White water rafting at Cagayan De Oro. It was fantastic, it was extreme, it was soooo fun I didn't even mind if I had booger in my upper lip when I emerged from the water after getting  dumped there unceremoniously.

Video(s) courtesy of Red Rafts.

2. Island hopping at Caramoan. Beautiful. Is. An. Understatement. I felt like putting a period after every word because my jaw had stopped working and insisted on being down.  The islands were lovely and it was a welcome bonus that there were a few people around.
Thanks Kyle Yao sa picture =)

3. Sunrise at Mt. Pulag. It was an easy climb, they say, but I bet the one who gave that classification was someone who marathons every other week and go rock climbing on weeks that he isn't running. That, or being a couch potato for n years had robbed me of the ability to climb an 'easy climb', well, easily. But for a sunrise like this, everything was worth it.
Amazing sunrise! So worth the effort!

Thank God for beautiful Philippines! And most of all, thank God for a mother who understands her daughter's wanderlust and trust her enough to know that no matter how far from home she goes, she'd always come back-- and perhaps, with an otap or whatever native delicacy as pasalubong. :)

This is an entry to Let's Go Sago! 3rd anniversary contest. 


  1. alam na kasi ng mommy mo na isa kang galang bata at kapag di ka nya pinayagan ay magwawala kang parang isang isda na tinanggal sa tubig... haha.. joke lang :D kidding aside, buti pinayagan ka... yung otap ko din ha, yung pili nuts ko dati inubos mo na :D Ingat sa byahe :D

  2. haha, salamaaat Manix! Magpakita ka kasi para me naaabutang pasalubong =))

  3. Hi Aubrey,

    Don't forget this req't:
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    Aug 29 is the last day for week 3! :)


  4. @Jon: I already did. :) here's the link:

  5. Hi Aubrey,

    The booger story really got me. :D
    But seriously, your blog post reminded me of the things I haven't done yet despite having been all around the country because of my work. But then, I'm not really into extreme sports such as white water rafting nor am I a person who does mountain climbing. But then again, who says I can't try them? I might just visit one of the places you mentioned here in your post very soon. If I ever do, I'll remember you and I'll be reminded that an audacious girl named Aubrey really tickled my imagination and reminded me to spend my days filled with excitement. ;)


  6. Oh Jenny, white-water rafting is a MUST try. And really, it's not as extreme as it looks. You don't even have to know how to swim. :)

  7. Hi Aubrey,

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