Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle -- Oh, You'll Never Be Forgotten

It was probably last week (I can't remember exactly when) when Al messaged me about 'The Great Horcrux Hunt'. And because I've been waiting my whole life to test my Harry Potter stock knowledge in a quizbee that isn't online and actually has prizes, I decided to go. In between coding and psyching myself for the 6.6 k run that happened yesterday (and was quite a disaster. XD), Angge and Al had been quizzing me intermittently about HP facts from online quizzes. That constituted my review.

Saturday. I was really tempted not to go, as the rain that plagued my week continued to, well, plague my day. However, the prospect of staying at home bored was worse than the prospect of getting beaten by an 11 year old bespectacled geeklet. At 12 noon I dressed up and dragged my self to the MRT station. I had no idea how to get to Bonifacio High Street, but I've always managed to find the places I seek in the past despite my haywire sense of direction. It was easy, actually. From MRT Ayala, I rode the BGC bus-east route and got off when the bus driver announce Boni High Street. I followed a girl who I thought looked like an HP geek (they, I mean we, have a certain aura) but turns out she was headed to another place. Fully Booked was easy to spot though (it's at the end of bldg 6.) When I entered the store, it was full of people and reeking of HP geek-aura. The contest was already in full swing: the host who looked like a cross between Rita Skeeter and Professor Trewlawney but who spoke like Umbridge was already quizzing number 22. Thinking I already lost  my chance to join, I hung around to watch and try to answer the questions being thrown. Fortunately I saw two girls approach the registration booth and were given name tags, so I did the same. I was contestant number 121.
It took a surprisingly short time for my turn to come. Heart pounding, I drew question 213: What was Draco Malfoy's broom? Immeadiately Firebolt came to my mind, but I was aware it wasn't the correct answer. I blurted out Nimbus Two Thousand -- One.
"Correct," the host said, and smiled at me. I felt my knees trembled, but I managed to smile back coolly and refrained from shrieking (it was  the common practice-- that, or goooosh).
The second round came quickly too, and this time my question was: What was the Slytherin password that Malfoy (him again!) revealed to Ron and Harry when the two were disguised as Crabbe and Goyle? I've encountered this question before, and so it is with slightly more confidence I answered, "pureblood."
I don't know If I remembered it right, but this guy got the question about Albus D.'s full name. I'm glad I didn't because I always mix up Percival and Bryan.
By this time only half of the 130 plus contestants were in the running. We moved on to the average round. The question I drew up was: What's Nearly Headless Nick's full name? Waaah, a question on full name! Hesitantly, I answered, "Sir Nicholas... de-Mimsy... Porpington." The host said, "correct," and smiled. I was so relieved I got the order right!
The contest moved much faster this time, as the questions are getting harder (there were even questions about book covers and death eaters!). After a while, the host moved the difficulty level up a notch. Also this time,  as long as unanswered, the same question remained. I nearly had to answer a question about Prof. Sprout's first name, which at that moment I could not remember because I was having a mental block. It's Pomona, if you're curious. Fortunately, the girl before me knew the answer, which left me to draw a new question. It was:  What's the radio station that wizards listen to?  I remembered the acronym: it was WWN. The problem is I don't know the correct order of the words. I took a stab, however, and said, "Wizarding Wireless Network?" From the host's face I knew it was wrong, so sadly, I took a tentative step towards the guy handing out the goodbye certs. She stopped me though, and said she'd give me a chance. "Wireless Wizarding Network," I said hesitantly. There was an audible silence (every one must have held their breath at this point, and then a heartbeat later the host said, "that's correct." There was a smattering of relieved laughter (it was touching to have people symphatized with you); and I went back to my seat a lot happier.
The HP crowd is very sympathetic. :)
Finally, we were down to thirteen. The guy before me drew the question: Who escorted the Dursleys when they went into hiding? He said, "Dedalus Diggle, and a woman. I forgot who." I was really hoping he'd be able to answer the question, as I do not know the answer. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to, and the question was passed on to me. Without pressure, I might have remembered, but there was a countdown and I've really forgotten the name. I just said, "Dedalus Diggle. And I don't remember who else." The host said bye-bye and then somebody noticed the remaining contestants were down to eight. Just my luck getting eliminated at the last moment! Haha. Later, reading my ebook of HP 7, I found out it was Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle. I'll probably never be able to forget those two characters after this, in the same way that I'll always remember Bangkok to be the 'City of Angels' (my high school classmates will relate to this. And I've put the Wiki link just in case someone say it's Los Angeles.)
But putting losing aside, I had lots of fun. It was great to be shoulder to shoulder with fellow HP fanatics and it was great to relive Harry Potter's and his friends' shining moments. As one contestant's t-shirt put it: we, after all,  stuck with Harry until the very end.

It was my first time at Bonifacio High Street. Very interesting place, I must say. :)


  1. Nakakatawa naman 'yung common practice. Haha. :))
    Waah, ang galing ng review namin sa'yo! Haha.

  2. Haha, may isang bata, ang expletive nia eh: Merlin! =))))

  3. haha.. buti di mo ko kasama.. baka nabatukan kita.. >.< sayang!

  4. Eh? bat mo ko babatukan? X( Dapat sumama ka! Sabi nga ni Angge, kung sila me HP tshirt, ako me death eater friend. hahaha peace Al =))))