Monday, June 13, 2011

'Tis No Child's Play at the Gods' Playground

Walking, almost crawling

huffing, puffing

heart pounding

a drop of water for my parched lips

and the world spun around.

I heard buzzing in my ears

and in my heart

a painful drumming,

I stopped

and sleep became the most

tempting thing in the world.

but no, I can't.

Finally, amazingly,

the awfulness went away-- gradually.

And I willed my stubborn legs

to move,

they followed, albeit reluctantly

and a few meters (centimeters?)

I was gasping again...

earth is definetely not my element.

Rest! What a beautiful word

by then. And I flopped into the grass

'Can I stay here and wait for you na lang?'

I whined. 'I can't go on anymore.'

The cold is a blunt knife

stabbing at me everywhere.

My breath is a playful child

playing with aged me--

I cannot catch up.

I feel dizzy, dizzy, dizzy.

And the peak seems sooo far away.

Ah, but they won't let me (thank God)

And we've waited until

the spinning subsided

and we went on -- no, i trudged on,

stopping to rest so often

that the sun's crown were peeping out

from the horizon where he spent the night

by the time we were a little-

past halfway to the summit.

walk, walk, willing the body to be

as willing as the mind

to reach the top. the trail winded on

almost as if endless

and then, and then, and then--

I made it.

And every awfulness, every discomfort,

even the cold

receded into an insignificant dot

as I beheld the wonder

that was the playground of the gods.

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