Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Attended the First Ever Blogger's Buffet at Carol's Texan 5!

What to do when you get invited to an absolutely scrumptious buffet and it happens to be in an awfully stormy night? Why, you get on with it of course!
Maliwanag pa yan oh =((

And it is with such determination that Angge and I plowed on to get to the first ever blogger's buffet at Carol's Texan 5. Not even the absence of available taxis in such a rainy night could deter us from attending, although the loss of our prospective early birds award did put a slight damper on my mood.
Sodden, squeaky shoes and damp pants notwithstanding, we finally ended up at Carol's Texan 5 after walking the length of J.A Santos and a lots of  "just go straight ahead, it's within walking distance" from people we asked directions from.
Tristan and Carol in the middle of introductions
We found the early bloggers in the midst of introductions. Angge and I introduced ourselves and described our blog. There was a pop quiz about Carol's (like what were the 5 signature dishes) where the first to answer got prizes and then finally, our most awaited moment arrived... time to eat! :9

Buffet -- Au version
The ribs were awesome. No other word for it. And the wings - nakaka-adik, ang sarap kainin (okay, naubos na Ingles ko. Hahahaha) I also can't get enough of the ice tea. Sarap!

Buffet -- Angge version
Before getting our food we had our picture taken by Photo Balloon. Ang cuuuuute! Perfect give away for parties.
Me and mini-me.

Angge and I also had fun posing for pictures with the wanted sign as background. There were props you can use, too. So in Carol's, not only do you get to enjoy yummy food, you also enjoy photo-ops.
A lot of prizes were given away that night, which includes:
  • Spread the positivity stickers
  • Fern products
  • Cliq tickets
I didn't win any, but I got to take home Fern coffee and a cute notebook from Carol. :)
And to cap the night, we all enjoyed ice cream c/o Magnolia! Wee~
I had soooo much fun and I'm glad tumuloy pa rin kami ni Angge despite the storm. Pag-uwi namin, payapa na si Falcon, at matiwasay kaming nakarating ng bahay. :) Thank you
 for this fun event!