Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friendster induced trip down the memory lane.

Haha. Di ko akalaing tama ang pagkaka-alaala ko ng URL ng friendster blog ko. Akala ko kasama syang nadelete ng account ko 3 years ago.

At kahit nandidiri ako sa paraan ng pagbablog ko nun (txt language grabe) eto ang ilang nakakatawa (at interesting minsan) na snippets:
(oldest - newest entries)
1. ang saya grabe… exciting ung laban ng u.p!!! at nanalo ha!! un na ang pinakamasaya dun..
2. GO CAROLING IN POLICE STATIONS, CITY HALL, FACULTIES, ETC. IN WHITE, VENUS CUT-STYLED DRESS—- AND BAREFOOTED. (oo, all caps. yiiiikes. haha. pero fond nung memory-- winning 1st place in choral competition in my 3rd year in highschool. )
3. bakit kaya ganun no?? alam mo ung super review and then ma memental block ka lng.. kaasar!!
4. miss ko na west ... pati ung nagsexerox kahit masungit xa.. 
5. may mga malibayers kaya sa mga 4th yr ngaun sa west??

   may sessions rin kaya cla tuwing uwian??

   sa library  rin ba cla gumagawa ng assignments at projects sa ayaw at sa gusto ni maam balgos??
6. (on cs11 MP) Oh no…not another one….
7. ano na kaya nangyari sa math grade ko?
    takuuut ako…(hahahaha! pero thank goodness di ako bumagsak nun. haha
8. this sem would be perfect if i would be able to get a gwa of 1.0… (isa pang hahahahaha! at malaking ASA)
9. i hate this xmas break…
   my teacher in mp 10 called it "a working holiday" and assigned us a "fieldwork";
   my teacher in kas 1 said its the perfect tym to do our research project; (ako na reklamador. =))) Sana nagkaron ako ng preview nun on thesis year. =))) )
10.   and i miss going home with a jeepney-full of noisy classmates. i miss the contests and workshops. i miss the over-night groupworks and fun fieldtrips…
11. thank god i’m done with my mp
whew! it has been 3 stressful weeks…
sa wakas, i’m done with it… (at sa wakas, isang positibong post. hehe)
12.hai… nakaka drain magbabad sa harap ng pc…
at nakakapagod magtype ng 1121+ (and still counting) lines…
at nakaka-asar mag correct ng "relative jump out of range…"
13.hai, kung cnswerte ka nga naman…
imagine, 3 p.e. naenlist q…
14.sem break na!!!
xempre dapat i celebrate yun…
imagine after… (insert mahabang litany of projects here)
i have done it all…(except for the finals)
di pa ba ako dapat magsaya nyan???
yehey!!!! yehey!!!
15. well i’m on the 16th day of this holiday job. and as much as i long to see the end of this sleepless endeavor, i know i’ll miss taking calls when this is finally over (and after i get my long, uninterrupted night sleep). (on my Christmas part-time job as a call-center agent)

16.i feel weird, after 3 weeks of being a bat, normal human being uli ako.
wat i mean is for 3 weeks, naging morning ang night ko at naging night ang morning ko…
17.hay, jan.6 na!!! last day of following american time! haha…
i’m going to get my nighttime sleep at last!
and do some daytime activities na tinulugan ko dati.
18.feeling ko paulit-ulit lang naman yung ginagawa ko
pero wala naman akong ganang magbago ng routine. (kung me blog awards ng mga panahong yun, baka naging finalist ako for reklamador of the year. haha)
19.wala akong religion.
pero naniniwala ako sa Diyos.
hindi naman kailangang coexistent yung 2 di ba??? (uy, ebidensya ng mga 'lost years' =) Thank God di na ko ganun ngayon. :) Pero wala pa din ako religion. Relationship with God, meron :D )

20 I had this crazy idea last night. what if, lahat ng namamatay sa aksidente binibigyan ng 2nd chance to prove na hindi pa talaga nila oras?
              What if, binibigyan sila ng one week para baguhin yung dapat mangyari, pero hindi nila maaalala yung dapat na mangyayari…except for some flashes of deja vu like feelings?? (At ang sumunod na blogpost ay isang lwentong ipinanganak ng ideyang ito. Surprisingly, fit-to-repost. :) )
21. the next few posts are my cw 10 (yes, i’m taking up cw 10 this summer) exercises. .. la lang gusto ko lang ishare. masaya syang subject, well, para sa mga aspiring writers. hehe, enjoy. =) (I earned a 1.75 for those stories from Ms. Duque. Maybe I'll repost them. :) )  
22. i’m in the middle of working on my cs32 mp.
naisip ko lang na basahin ulit ung mga old posts ko.
at napatunayan ko na…
isa akong malaking reklamadora…(ahaha. ahaha. hahahaha!)

23.   And now I’m in my 3rd year, and during the three years I had loved, hated, gotten bored, gotten excited and felt every possible emotion I could possibly feel towards the course. Of course, I dreamt ComSci related dreams (like being the first person to develop a thought operated word processor so that writers who are slow with the keyboard would not be left behind by their thoughts). Whenever I have time, I still think (or dream) of my old dreams, laugh at my silliness, and write about them. (in fairness, nag-iimprove. :D )
24.  I enjoyed doing those things a lot. Every time I looked back, I get this warm feeling in my chest. I also feel a little twinge because ever since we moved to Makati, Christmas season isn’t the same anymore. No more caroling, no more Baclaran trips (Guadalupe is more convenient, but less crowded, less rowdy, less exciting), and no more Christmas parties (insert sad face here). On the upside, people still find it a must to hang Christmas lights and UP is so pretty at night. There are still gifts, lots of food, and new stuff. The songs are still uplifting, and most people are still generous. Christmas is still merry. It’s just that something’s different…
            The difference, I guess, is that I’ve grown up. 
25. i learned a new language -Korean.. and i had so much fun learning it… i wouldn’t consider myself an expert or anything.. but i know the basics… and the best thing about learning Korean was the friends that i gained during the proccess.. you might wonder: why Korean? well, i intended to study Japanese, but since that subject is over subscribed, i chose Korean instead. i thought that after a sem’s work i would be able to watch koreanovelas (i’m hooked!) without subtitles… i thought wrong.. hehe.. (eto, slight relapse. hehe)
26. no more thinking about
worst cases
, about
, recursion, ALGORITHMS, about patience’s memory… atleast for a couple of weeks or so…
and… byebye
(on CS 32. haha)
27.worried about nothing
probably going crazy
28. when i was in grade four, i thought 2000 would never come. and now it’s 2008.
29. i’m a tutor now! yey!
i teach english (grammar, pronounciation, vocabulary, etc) to japanese.
i really enjoy doing it… (sarap mag power trip, **hehe**)…seriously.
30. at least i’m crossing things off from the list 
that’s definitely an improvement.
on the other hand, i’m also adding new tasks to the list.
31. well. long time no post.
it has been a very busy month. i had to do so many things, meet so many people, talk about so many topics. time was very precious, and sleep was (and still is) priceless.
the funny thing is, i never seemed to accomplish anything. everything that i set out to would come out half-finished.
and there’s still a lot to do.
32. Taking up ComSci was just one of the many things in my life that just happened.
33. Last na rin siguro to. :) (last na nga. in a funny way, i felt :( about it. haha. then I remembered I haven't stopped blogging after that-- that's about the time I started my first blogspot blog. :) )

Kahit na ang reklamador ng mga post, I think this blog chronicled some of the best years of my life, at evident rin mejo ang pag grow at pag-mature -- from highschool-sick freshie to mp-weary junior. hehe. Thank you friendster for the space. :)


  1. Nyahaha! Mas reklamador ka ata sakin au! At me mali kang spelling.. =)

  2. hahaha gumaganti ka ah. =))))